Sanitisation and Sanitation Services Ireland

The area of Sanitisation is one in which Forensic Cleaning Services Ireland have developed a great depth of expertise and knowledge over the last ten years. A full sanitisation service typically needs to be carried out in properties where traumatic events such as industrial accidents, body decompositions or sewage leaks have occurred.

Additionally, we have been contracted by the HSE to provide comprehensive sanitisation services in buildings where there has been a widespread outbreak of highly contagious vomiting bugs.

Dealing safely and securely with bio-hazardous incidents in Garda and prison holding cells is also a specialist service that we are brought in to deliver on a regular basis. The Garda and Prison services rely on expert providers like ourselves to ensure a safe working environment for their members in cells where HIV, Tuberculosis and Hepatitis are just some of the serious risks that we frequently need to eliminate.

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Restoring a property to it’s orginal condition after a traumatic event such as those mentioned above takes planning and specialist knowledge. For example, some of our sanitisation processes will be delivered through use of a chemical fogging method which has been proven to produce exceptional results.

The full sanitisation of a property through this method will sanitise it from MRSA, Vomiting bug, HIV, Hepititus & Weil’s Disease caused by the urine of rats and also Cryptococcus meningitis which is a disease caused by fungus that lives in the guts of pigeons and other birds. We also provide comprehensive sanitisation after blood spill due to death, murder or accident.

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