Forensic Cleaning Services

The Forensic cleaning services which we offer cover a wide range of areas. The skills which are required to conduct forensic cleaning to a high standard are very specialist ones.

As one of the few organisations within Ireland who can conduct forensic cleaning services, we ensure all material removed is disposed of at an appropriate facility in line with Irish and European legislation, this ensures that there is no risk to the environment or human health.



  • Fire/Smoke Damage Clean Up
  • Water/Flood Damage Clean Up
  • Crime Scene Clean Up
  • Blood Trauma Clean Up
  • Decomposition Clean Up
  • Syringe Clearance
  • Hoarders Clean up
  • Property Clearance
  • Sanitation
  • Garda Cell and Vehicle Cleaning

Many forensic cleaning contracts take place around a crime scene or in a building such as a prison or Garda station. At F.C.S.I, we only employ trained and experienced staff who are able to deal with these situations in a respectful and responsible manner.

Forensic cleaning is a critical part of the after care of any location that has been the scene of any serious incident involving injury or loss of life.

We have worked with many local authorities throughout Ireland in dealing with the most difficult of circumstances in a professional and reliable manner. So regardless of the reason why you need to avail of forensic cleaning services, you can be sure that when you instruct us to undertake work on your behalf you are going to get the best results possible first time every time.

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