Garda Cell and Vehicle Cleaning

Garda holding cells and secure prison cells are often scenes of various types of bio-hazardous incidents that pose a high risk of infection from exposure. This requires specialist cell cleaning to be performed quickly and efficiently. HIV, Hepatitis, and Tuberculosis are just a few of the dangers that Forensic Cleaning Services Ireland can eliminate in a jail cell or Garda vehicle.

Threatening biohazards such as: blood, urine, feces, and vomit can be disinfected and removed from jail cells quickly and safely by our biohazard cleaning experts to provide a safe environment for both law enforcement personnel and criminal inmates.Detainees often perform “dirty protests” within their cells. This can involve them defecating or urinating in the cell without using the facilities provided also causing the odour into the communal areas.

Other bodily fluids such as blood and vomit can also be present within the cell following an arrest or dirty protest. These bodily fluids can harbour infectious diseases and need to be cleaned up in a safe and controlled manner to prevent infection. Walls, ceilings and other fixtures and fittings are often affected and it is often not just contained within the confines of the individual’s cell. Dirty protests are also frequently performed in the detainees cell causing the odour into the communal areas.

Due to the confined nature of prison cells, and the communal areas such as the toilets and showers, the rapid decontamination and disinfection of this type of risk is extremely important to prevent a spread of disease or infection occurring. It is also critical that the amount of time these areas are unavailable for is reduced to a minimum to ensure operational efficiency is not affected.

Forensic Cleaning Services Ireland cell cleaning service provides a rapid response to these hazardous incidents, guaranteeing that the cell or communal areas are safely decontaminated and disinfected.

Forensic Cleaning Services Ireland work with the departments as to cause minimal disruption and quickly ensures that the areas are cleaned and returned to a safe and healthy environment.

Emergency Vehicle Cleaning

Garda vehicles, Prison vans, Ambulances and other vehicles are some of the emergency services Forensic Cleaning Services Ireland assist in dealing with varied and often distressing situations where blood, vomit and other bodily fluids are likely to be present.

Bodily fluids present a high risk to the health and safety of the people who travel in these vehicles due to the risk of infection and exposure to diseases such as hepatitis B, hepatitis C and HIV that can be contained within them and transferred. Therefore it is vital that these vehicles are cleaned and disinfected in order to minimise this risk.

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