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Coronavirus Deep Cleaning

Our Coronavirus Deep Cleaning method is known as ‘fogging’. This practice uses an effective and proven sanitising chemical. In other words, the sanitisation process breaks down the solution to a thin vapour similar to the way a kettle breaks down water to steam.

The machine pumps the chemical throughout a room, be it a home, business, or any location. The process is ideal for vehicles. The fogging process effectively kills bacteria, as well as HIV, hepatitis, etc.

Workspace Sanitising

The fogging machine is a smart piece of equipment. It breaks-down the sanitising chemical to a fine particle for application and pumps it around the room or area.

This method is used in homes, offices, business, agriculture, or the food process industry. Above all, where sanitising is a requirement in these uncertain times. The chemical is food safe and kills within 15 seconds. It is faster and more affordable than deep cleaning.

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Fast Turnaround Time

Fogging is a highly effective method to combat contamination from the above pollutants. The process is much more powerful and efficient than traditional deep cleaning methods. In other words, it delivers a faster turnaround for your business or home.

Independently Tested

The chemical we used has been independently tested against Coronavirus and is proven to be 99.99% effective. Testing is according to ISO approved disinfectant standards. Based on these tests, the manufacturer stands behind the Covid-19 and Coronavirus kill claim. Full technical data sheets are available on an agreement of works.

For further information on Coronavirus Deep Cleaning and Sanitisation, you can call us on 1890 545352 or Contact us by email.

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